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A wonderful landscape, one of the biggest and most modern infrastructures of the Western Riding scene and an outstanding Restaurant (operating during Tournaments) awaits you.

To ride, to train as well as to relish: for Holidays, for special training-weeks, training-clinics as well as for Tournaments. Have a close look at our webpage and let yourself be inspired!

The HorseAcademy is a meeting point for like-minded people if you love Horses as well as the art of Reining in Western Riding.

Upcoming Events

all-day Breeders Futurity @ Kreuth
Breeders Futurity @ Kreuth
Oct 11 – Oct 17 all-day
Breeders Futurity @ Kreuth
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all-day Equitalyon
Oct 27 – Nov 1 all-day
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all-day Verona
Nov 4 – Nov 8 all-day
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all-day Italien Futurity @ Cremona
Italien Futurity @ Cremona
Nov 21 – Nov 29 all-day
Italien Futurity @ Cremona
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Daniel Straumann

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Change of Trainers at the HorseAcademy!

Dear Friends, estimated Clients,

after almost 10 years of dedicated work as an outstanding trainer at the HorseAcademy, Morey Fisk has decided to break new grounds.

Morey will stay and continue to work with us until October 2020.

His clients will therefore have ample time to decide if to follow Morey and relocated their horses accordingly.

We fully understand his decision and shall do our part that the forthcoming separation will happen in an orderly fashion.

It will be our pleasure to welcome Morey Fisk at any time in the future at the HorseAcademy – be it for occasional training sessions or as a competitor!

We all extend a heartfelt and sincere “thank you” to Morey Fisk for his devoted and professional work during all these years at the HorseAcademy!

Back to the HorseAcademy

After seven successful years at Maqueline Reining Horses, Fabien Boiron has decided to practice his professional skills once again at the HorseAcademy. Fabien will start his assignment as of January 1, 2021.

We extend a warm welcome back to Fabien and wish him a successful start!

Mission Statement

We understand ourselves as an enthusiastic service provider with emphasis in the Western Riding discipline of Reining.

We lease our unique and exclusive infrastructure thus enable the execution of Tournaments and Clinics under optimal conditions.

The welfare of the Horses and their Training is closest to our focus. Together with our partners (Trainers; Veterinaries; Farriers) we aim for optimal results by offering:

Optimal breeding and upbringing infrastructures; conscientious, patiently and in-depth training system, accompanied by Veterinaries and Farriers for long-term health status.

We take care of the entrusted customer Horses to the best of our knowledge and beliefs – and are conscious of the heavy responsibility!

We offer our customers a very comfortable environment as well as the certainty that they and their Horses will be trained with a great sense of responsibility.

We aim – together with our customers – to be successful in what we are doing. In doing so our first priorities remains the well-being and the health of the Horse. We campaign as a Team to convey to all our customers the joy of the sport of Reining.

Our customers are looked after and supported on an individual basis. We are trying hard to broaden our knowledge; to learn lessons based on success as well as from failures. We foster a neutral attitude, remain independent while applying our knowledge purposefully towards the animal welfare.

We are a professional, complementary team which rely on one another. We keep one another informed at all times. Our team members are empowered to act independently and accept responsibility.



Morey Fisk

Tel. +33 (0) 6 85 50 40 70

Andrea Costa

Tel. +39 340 31 57 852


with us everyone is a Champion.